Sample Brunch Menu

Our menu changes daily, here is a sample. 

~breads & pastry~

Columbia City Bakery baguette with soft butter & sea salt

apple, ginger & walnut muffin with wild plum jam

chocolate and huckleberry trifle

~from the pantry~

our pickled & fermented vegetables with a pickled egg

house-made charcuterie:
speck, culatello, baked ham, rillette & testa with mustard & toast

salad of young lettuces, hazelnuts, ash roasted shallot & herbs

local cheese with housemade crackers & condiments

yogurt, mint, stewed cherries & buckwheat streusel

carrot, mint, pistachio, mustard frill, garlic bread crumb & our yogurt
toast with stracciatella, grilled asparagus & spring onion

grilled kale caesar, sourdough crouton & aged cheese

~from the stove-top and hearth~

asparagus, spring onion, mushroom & chevre fritata with mustard frill

egg scramble with potato, onion, maitake, miners lettuce & pork belly      

biscuits with sausage gravy, sunny side up egg & raab

green garlic, ham & cheddar quiche with petite greens, ginger & radish

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