Sample Brunch Menu

Our menu changes daily, here is a sample. 

~breads & pastry~

Columbia City Bakery baguette with soft butter & sea salt

cardamom sticky bun


~from the pantry~

our pickled & fermented vegetables with a pickled egg

house-made charcuterie:

testa terrine, baked ham, country pate, rabbit rillette & liver parfait with mustard & toast

yogurt, fuji apple, pumpkin seeeds, honey & mint

locally made cheese with emmer crackers & condiments

chia seed bagel, cured salmon, whipped ricotta & sorrel

salad of young lettuces, hazelnuts, ash roasted shallot & herbs

english muffin, baked ham, hollandaise & a soft egg

~from the stove-top~

baked eggs, garbanzo beans, hen of the woods, radishes & aleppo

fried potatoes, shaved leeks, aioli, berbere & salsa verde

braised rabbit leg, grilled beets, parsnips & a puree of nettles     

dark chocolate pots de creme, pinapple weed, quinoa & whey

Île Flottante, apricot blossoms, rhubarb, buttermilk & pistachio

a selection of local cheese:

Kurtwood Farms, “Dinah’s” & Glendale Shepards, “Brebis” with emmer crackers & condiments

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