Sample Dinner Menu
Our a la carte menu changes daily, here is a sample.


Michael Sanders “Plane Bread”, Naturally Leavened Sourdough
with whipped butter & sea salt

Pickled & Fermented Vegetables 
with a pickled egg

Fresh Raw Vegetables with Herb Yogurt & Mustard Oil

Shigoku Oysters with horseradish & shallot mignonette*


A Selection of Our Charcuterie
smoked ham, testa, culatello, country pate & ‘nduja with toasts & mustard

Salad of Young Lettuces
hazelnuts, ash roasted shallot & herbs

Roasted Beets
shaved fennel, chicories, butttermilk & olives

farm house tomme, capers, lemon & croutons

Albacore Tuna*
walnuts, sea beans & raw bolete mushrooms

Grilled Leeks
smoked fish, honey mustard & ikura
Potato Gnocchi
lacinato kale, celeriac, spot prawn butter & breadcrumbs


Coho Salmon
rye berry, squash, apples & brown butter sherry sauce

Grilled Duck Breast
chanterelles, braised swiss chard & huckleberries

Olsen Farms Lamb
chickpea stew, fermented peppers, sausage & pimenton 



apple galette, stewed apples, hard spices & brown butter

chocolate cremeux, huckle berries, cultured creme

a selection of local cheese:
Kurtwood Farms, “Dinah’s” & Glendale Shepards, “Brebis” with emmer crackers & condiments

*The KCHD requires us to inform you that devouring raw or undercooked food may be risky to your well being.

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