Sitka & Spruce is happy to welcome guest chefs of all levels to our kitchen for a one night pop up dinner. Our Guest Chef Mondays were inspired by the success of Alvaro Candela Najera's Malafacha taco nights; our goal is to try to help chefs (both professional and non) have a platform for experimentation and practice.

If you have a restaurant concept that you'd like to test out, or have a recipe that you want to serve in a pop-up setting, Sitka & Spruce will work with you on putting together a Guest Chef Monday, where you can work with our support (servers, kitchen equipment, dish/glassware etc.) to showcase your special menu. 

Prospective chefs, please contact us here to further discuss your Guest Chef Monday idea!


On Monday, September 22, chefs Monica Dimas, and Seth and Zachary Pacleb of Brothers, will be presenting a dinner event titled Bounty of the Interim. With contributions from designer Lucas Draper, the chefs will be offering a menu crafted with the abundance from between the seasons. $70 multi-course prix fixe menu. Reserve at

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