Sitka & Spruce is happy to welcome guest chefs of all levels to our kitchen for a one night pop up dinner. Our Guest Chef Mondays were inspired by the success of Alvaro Candela Najera's Malafacha taco nights; our goal is to try to help chefs (both professional and non) have a platform for experimentation and practice.

If you have a restaurant concept that you'd like to test out, or have a recipe that you want to serve in a pop-up setting, Sitka & Spruce will work with you on putting together a Guest Chef Monday, where you can work with our support (servers, kitchen equipment, dish/glassware etc.) to showcase your special menu. 

To learn about future Guest Chef Monday events, please join our mailing list:

Prospective chefs, please contact us  here to further discuss your Guest Chef Monday idea!

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