Sample Lunch Menu

Our menu changes daily, here is a sample. 

~breads & pastry~

bread with soft butter & flake sea salt

~cultured & cured-

castelvetrano olives, from Sicily, in water and sea salt

locally raised cheese with emmer crackers & condiments

fermented and pickled vegetables with a pickled egg

pickled smelts, cultured cream, fried seeds, sea beans & seaweed

house-made charcuterie:

morcilla, culatello, chorizo, liver parfait & headcheese with mustard and toast

~from the pantry~

salad of young lettuces, ash roasted shallot, hazelnuts & tarragon

roasted squash, kimchi butter, our labneh & almond breadcrumbs

caramelized carrots, tahini, salsa verde, verjus & shaved apple

~from the stove-top~

manila clams, celery root, dulse & a nettle cream on fried toast

fried egg, cured salmon, fermented chilies, mushrooms & einkorn


dark chocolate pots de creme, pineapple weed, buckwheat & whey

buttermilk ice cream, lemon curd, salted meringues & walnut oil

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