Sample Lunch Menu

Our a la carte menu changes daily, here is a sample. 

~breads & pastry~

Columbia City Bakery baguette with whipped butter & sea salt

~cultured & cured~

local cheese with emmer crackers & condiments

fermented and pickled vegetables with a pickled egg

our yogurt, currants, black berries, pistachio & good honey

a selection of our charcuterie:
country pate, baked ham, headcheese, cured duck & chicken liver pate with toasts & mustard

~from the pantry~

salad of young lettuces, ash roasted shallot, hazelnuts & tarragon

an assortment of cucmbers, sea beans, cultured cream & smelts

arugala salad, cured salmon, shaved summer roots & cherry vineager

~from the stove-top~

pork belly, summer bean stew, fried egg & salsa verde

halibut, mushroom broth, horse radish, tatsoi & many herbs


gateau basque, whipped cream, luxardo cherries    

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